Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elena Bathory

I first became a fan of Elena's modeling back when Myspace was the go to social network. A friend of mine introduced me to her modeling and I was instantly a fan. Elena is both beautiful and talented which is why she has so many fans who are loyal to her. She doesn't ignore her fans instead converses with them regularly and I admire that. Currently she is working on her own website where fans can see her artistic nudes and many other photos that place like Facebook and Myspace won't allow. I was excited, to say the least, when she asked to be part of the TU&TU series. I know models don't want to give the "naughty" photos away for free and I'm glad she allowed me to post and even edit a few of them. For that I must say thank you Elena.

Elena provided me with the following mini-bio about how she got into modeling:

I have been an alternative model for a few years now in that time I have met and worked with some awesome people. I got my big break after winning the Dark Funeral merchandise model contest. After that I also won the Devian metal model contest. I started to really enjoy working with bands because it allowed me to help support the band through my modeling, which I love to do. Since then I continue to work with metal bands. I also work with alternative clothing designers like Isabelle Batz, have appeared in magazines such as Bizarre & Girls and Corpses. Now I am working on a website that will display my erotic nude work. To see a full listing of what I have done and where I have appeared visit my website

As with Eve's post all photos are uncensored but are watermarked to ensure that no one uses these photos as their own. Enjoy, Minions....and if your going to leave a comment keep it classy.


  1. Cool, I'd like to be apart of this project too and share some of m artist nudes that I can't post elsewhere. I wish her the best of luck in running her site and working with creative and talented people alike.